To offer food is to give the gift of strength.

A sanctuary for farmed, abused or neglected animals needs a constant supply of feed if it is to become a lasting refuge for animals seeking shelter.

Large animals need significant amounts of feed and we want that to be the best quality to ensure their longevity, good health and well-being.

People often ask us how they can help.

Ensuring our rescued friends have a constant and steady supply of nutritious food is one of the most direct and caring ways that you can participate in their life of freedom.

Our wonderful, new property offers wide, friendly, spaces for the animals to move about and room for many more animals in need to find safe haven.

That means constant provisions rolled out to happy animals and for this we need your help to please keep our feed shed full.

You may also choose to become a regular meal sponsor by setting up a payment of a hay bale every week, fortnight or month. Our deep thanks to those who can participate as regular meal sponsors.

You can also choose from:

  • $ 70.00. Large Round Oaten Bale for larger animals
  • $ 27.00. Bale of Quality Lucerne for our horses & donkeys
  • $ 18.00. Bale of Oaten Hay
  • $ 18.00. Bale of Wheaten Hay

May you also grow in strength as you give others the gift of vitality and long life.

Thank you.

Support our mission

Our mission at Freedom Hill Sanctuary is to provide a safe haven for animals that have been rescued from abuse, exploitation or neglect. We also aim to change the way people view farmed animals and promote, educate and encourage compassionate cruelty-free living.

Freedom Hill is a registered not for profit organisation that runs solely on your generous donations, all donations are used in the long term care of all our animal residents.

Freedom Hill is a registered tax-deductible charity. License No CCP2966

Thank you for your support.