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Teddy is a beautiful half Jersey/Friesian steer, he was rescued from a dairy farm at just 4 days old. Teddy was a ‘bobby calf’ – a waste product of the dairy industry.

For dairy cows to produce a continual supply of milk they have to be pregnant or have just given birth, their unwanted calves are usually sent off to slaughter in the first few days of their lives. The milk from the mother cows is used for human consumption. Most ‘bobby calves’ are not as lucky as Teddy, around 700,000 are slaughtered in Australia every year. The day we picked Teddy up we could see he was weak but by day two we had him standing and feeding from a bottle, gaining strength with each feed. Teddy is the sooky boy and loves his cuddles. Teddy’s favourite past time is to eat, laze in the sun and to have someone laying with him for a talk & pat. Teddy you will always be our big baby. Teddy’s nickname is Teddy Moo,
A huge black cow from the Freedom Hill Sanctuary.

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