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On May 14th, 2022 Stella arrived just hours old, a helpless little lamb. Something wasn't the same as all other orphaned lambs, Stella was different. Immediate veterinary treatment was sought findings of one underdeveloped eye, the other blind and she had acute pneumonia this was our initial battle.

Stella was put into intensive care in our newly built nursery room, a room kept at a constant warm temperature with a cot and a mattress for Kym to sleep next to Stella. Stella was unable to stand and we had hoped in time as she built strength this would eventuate, two days passed and finally, with help Stella stood on her own legs holding her weight, and yet something wasn’t right. Time revealed that Stella ran backwards instead of forward causing her enormous anxiety. After studying her behaviour we used a bottle of milk to encourage a forward motion and this continued until she could walk forward. Our concerns about this finding were explained upon another vet visit, Stella had brain damage, to what degree we were uncertain but we continued working through daily challenges, her pneumonia was not showing any signs of improvement and another antibiotic was prescribed. Five long weeks of recovery with chest, heart X-rays and scans with many days and nights simply holding Stella through the ordeal. To ease and keep Stella calm we used sound therapy and still to this day we continue to use this method at stressful times. The strength Stella showed and continues to show is outstanding, a tiny lamb that would have been forgotten will never be forgotten here at Freedom Hill Sanctuary, she has etched herself into so many hearts and we thank you for your support for her now and in the future. Stella has had many challenges in her short 12 months, Stella is a fighter and is truly loved by all. We hope one day you are able to visit darling, Stella.

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