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Ranger was a twin, born with spinal curvature and unable to stand he was abandoned by his mum and only rescued within minutes of the eager eyes of a fox.

I carried Ranger for four days and nights and with treatment of Bowen Therapy he stood for the first time on day 5 and started to walk. Ranger’s start to life was a difficult one and didn’t end there with contracting pneumonia at 5 days old and being rushed to the vets in the early hours. With around the clock care Ranger pulled through and since then at only 6 weeks old falling ill again with a respiratory infection.
This little lamb is a true fighter, he has a deformity that cannot be altered but we see him as no different than any other sheep.

He is the most contented little lamb against all odds he is happy.

Don’t look upon his abnormalities as a disadvantage Ranger can tell you it’s not.

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