Help change a life


Patrick is a Friesian bobby calf and we were very fortunate to have found him. He had been left on the concrete floor of the milking shed in full sun, it was extremely hot and he was just lying on the ground. I asked the farmer if we could take him, he replied that he was just “surplus” and suggested we could buy him for $40. We quickly agreed and brought Patrick back to Freedom Hill.

Patrick is a waste product of the dairy industry – for dairy cows to produce a continual supply of milk they have to be pregnant or have just given birth, their unwanted calves are usually sent off the slaughter within the first few days of their lives. The milk from the mother cows is then used for human consumption. Most bobby calves are not as lucky as Patrick, around 700,000 are slaughtered in Australia every year. If you would like to help little guys like Patrick ditch the dairy and switch the healthy dairy free alternatives.
A big cow sits on Freedom Hill Sanctuary farmland.

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