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Lynn was born on a cold Sunday night in July. Lynn’s mother rejected him at birth. The farmer found him the next morning cold, wet, hungry and extremely weak, took pity on him and gave him to someone in the area to bottle-feed. Lynn then luckily found his way to us!

Yes, Lynn is a boy (named after Lyn White from Animals Australia) and is the funniest Dorper sheep you will ever meet.

Lynn’s antics and beautiful character was the driving force behind Freedom Hill. As all of us have heard throughout the years ‘sheep are dumb’, quickly becomes a comment to humour once you have experienced how intelligent, witty and cheeky sheep can be. During Lynn’s first few months he grew up with four dogs so he naturally thought he was a dog, then we moved to Freedom Hill and introduced the calves, then Lynn thought he was a cow. Now he is the leader of the sheep clan, and keeps all the young ones in line. Lynn believes he is the only one and doesn’t share well and especially doesn’t share cuddles!

Lynn you will always be a leader in your field, we love you sweet boy.

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