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King Charles

King Charles - From Drowning to New Beginnings

Meet King Charles, a resilient ram whose life took a remarkable turn on 11th February when a family rescued him from drowning, marking the beginning of his journey at Freedom Hill Sanctuary. Approximately 5 years old, King Charles has spent his entire life in solitude until his rescue. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, he underwent a transformative experience as his 25kg fleece of wool, never previously sheared, was carefully removed to free him from discomfort. Recognising the potential dangers associated with rams, surgical castration was performed to ensure his safety and well-being along with other animal and human residents. Now, with a newfound lease on life, King Charles is on the path to a brighter future, filled with the promise of companionship, love, and a forever home. Currently in quarantine and recovery, he is gradually acclimating to human interaction, a crucial step towards his rehabilitation. Though it may not have been easy for this once-lonely ram to receive affection and attention, we remain hopeful that one day, he will reflect on his journey and marvel at the progress he has made. We invite you to become a sponsor for King Charles, supporting his ongoing care and journey towards a fulfilling life. Your sponsorship not only provides him with essential resources but also offers you the opportunity to meet him in person and witness the impact of your generosity firsthand. Join us in giving King Charles the happy ending he deserves.

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