Help change a life


Sometimes life throws such tragedy to one so young. Buddy was found on the side of the road soaking wet and not a sheep to be seen. After picking Buddy up it was evident he had head injuries and a dash to an emergency vet.

Buddy had been attacked by a fox several days before the rescue, not only has this little boy endured such injuries to his head, it was full of maggots. To have felt so alone, injured, soaked from the storms on Friday night and in incredible pain, it’s a wonder his frail body didn’t give up.

I am in tears at the strength these babies have and his fight is not over for some time.

Buddy had his head cleaned but injuries are were to extensive to stitch, he was given sub-cut fluids antibiotics, and pain killers at came home to rest.

Buddy’s injuries extend from below his ears on both sides of his head and across the top, with smaller puncture wounds throughout.

These innocent souls did not ask to come into such a cruel world, my heart bleeds. 

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