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Boris is one of the lucky ones, each year in Australia close to 13,000 ex-racehorses are sent to slaughter, discarded when they are no longer profitable Up to fifteen thousand foals are bred every year in Australia.

Boris was found in a Victorian sale yard at only 2 years old, a broken soul with an expression of deep despair. Boris was going to be sold for dog meat. Freedom Hill outbid the dogger and Boris arrived at his forever home. Immediately we saw signs of being beaten in the head region, the wind frightened him, the birds frightened him and the sight of a human hand near his face sent him into frenzy. Boris took a long time to heal, a lot of love and care to help him re-gain the trust of humans. A terrible start to his life, a time he has grown to forget. Boris has a forever home at Freedom Hill Sanctuary where he feels safe and loved with companion horse friends and humans who cherish everyday with him.
A brown horse from Freedom Hill Sanctuary.

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