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Arya & Ferdinand

We are pleased to bring you a story of hope… A story of a captive whose illness meant being discarded… And with her child, be sent to the abattoir… Until Freedom Hill Sanctuary stepped in… And held out our hand… To offer them unconditional love And Freedom.

The gift of abiding freedom…to just be……loved. What if you had been born into the cold hell of economic servitude but you were given three lucky chances; The first chance came in the fifth year of your life of servitude and was an illness -severe and incurable bovine mastitis – that separated you from the others because your milk could no longer be taken. The second chance was that the farmer decided he may as well leave your third calf with you to milk it out. The third chance was that a determined woman would find you and tell Freedom Hill Sanctuary about you and your child.
Two cows from the Freedom Hill Sanctuary.

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