Where life begins

We are now celebrating twelve years of rescue at Freedom Hill Sanctuary.
Through love, compassion and commitment to our rescued friends, we are teaching people that these beautiful, breathing, sentient beings have complex lives, thoughts, anxieties, wants and wishes…just like us.

Over the years we have gained great skills in caring for them as well as gaining insight into their behaviour. From creating spaces that make them happy or immediately responding to subtle signs of ill health, we have gained much learned and intuitive knowledge about them.

Our motto that “Life begins at Freedom Hill Sanctuary” is the living truth for all of our rescued animals. A safe haven where they are loved and can express themselves, without the confinement of human oppression.
We continue our path of gentleness and extended compassion at the sanctuary. We have also made it our mission to inspire and educate people about living a life of harmlessness. One where all animals are treated with kindness and respect. One where animals are no longer exploited and raised with the intention to destroy their life, their precious life.

Together, we walk the gentle way

The dream I held in my heart for many years of opening a sanctuary for farmed animals is now something that I celebrate every day with all the volunteers who come to help us fulfil our vision. With their help, we have maintained excellent care throughout the years for hundreds of rescued animals, with close to two hundred currently in our care. This joy is shared with everyone who is a part of our wide circle of friends and supporters. We are one large, extended family. Together we stand in solidarity with our arms around every rescued animal who has walked through our gates.

With continued support, we open our arms to welcoming more animals who have the chance to escape a life of fear and uncertainty.
Please join us on this heart-strengthening, mind-evolving journey into kindness. For every day we write another page in the book of hope.

Where life begins

A lifetime dream to be able to create a safe haven for farm animals that have for such a long time been the forgotten ones.

Who would ever think that Lynn lamb would be our inspiration to take on such a huge venture and spark the establishment of Freedom Hill.

Lynn was one of a twin born on a cold winter night on the 1st July 2011 on a sheep farm in the Adelaide Hills. Lynn had been rejected by his mum and was found the following day, weak, extremely cold and with not a lot of hope held for his survival. Luckily Lynn found his way to our home.

As time went on and Lynn grew stronger and stronger we had the privilege to see a beautiful character emerge from this sentient being. Someone who not only had the will to live but the effortless energy to show us his love and to be loved as all animals should be.

Our property at that time was only a 10 acre allotment in the hills and with a driving force like Lynn, I found I couldn’t sit back any longer. We sold all we had and purchased 48 acres of beautiful land just out of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. However, after going through the 2019 devastating bushfires we moved to Brinkley. With less risk of fire and an additional 150 acres of land, we now had 200 acres of flat land to create a larger haven for all the animal residents.

Since Lynn we have added more rescues and will continue to build our family and carry on the dream. Freedom Hill Sanctuary was founded by Kym and Richard Henley and we hope you will enjoy Freedom Hill as much as us!

Freedom Hill Sanctuary will be a place for people to come and visit, share their love and become more aware of the plight of farmed animals, and in return a guarantee of being licked, smooched and loved so much from all our fur babies.

Our aim at Freedom Hill is to not only provide a safe haven for rescued animals but also to promote, educate and encourage compassionate cruelty-free living.