We are excited to announce Friends of Ferdinand $5 Fridays, an exciting initiative in the name of our most recent and much-loved rescue, Ferdinand the calf.

If you have been following us on social media, you have likely seen the heart-warming story of Arya and her calf, Ferdinand, who were recently rescued from the dairy industry. Arya developed a bad case of black mastitis after Ferdinand was born which impacted her milk production and meant she was no longer of value to the dairy industry. She arrived to Freedom Hill Sanctuary scouring and severely malnourished, but has now started her long journey to recovery with Ferdinand by her side.

If you haven’t already seen Arya and Ferdinand’s story of freedom, we invite you to take a look here.

Freedom Hill Sanctuary is currently home to almost 150 rescued farm animals like Arya and Ferdinand. By joining our Friends of Ferdinand $5 Fridays community, you will be helping rescued animals like Ferdinand have a life of freedom and a chance at happiness for the price of a cup of coffee each week!