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Give the Animals of Freedom Hill the Gift of a New Home This Christmas

Delicious Breakfast Fruit Bowl

Surprise Gift Louie & Friends

Helen Christmas Treat Stocking

Holly’s Christmas Banquet

Goats Christmas Party

Sheep’s Christmas Party

Horses Christmas Party

Cubby House Shelter for our Junior Residents

It has been a challenging year for everyone and very soon it will be the one year anniversary since the Cudlee Creek bushfire that tore through our Harrogate property.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to make leaps and bounds in setting up a new home for our cherished four-legged friends, far from the constant threat of bushfire that we have lived with every summer.

With steadfast volunteers and countless sacrifices our efforts to move everyone safely across to the new home are almost complete. Almost. 

That is why we have launched our Christmas fundraiser to bring everyone home.


To finish our final chapter we are redesigning and building an especially strong and high enclosure for our community of exceptionally intelligent cows who have taught themselves and each other how to test, pull, push and jump over fences to go on their walkabouts. With your help to supply quality food and shelter throughout the Christmas holidays we can concentrate on finalising this project.

We have created a list of presents that you can offer our residents; from breakfast for a baby to a party for 50 sheep! For those that can, there is also an opportunity to offer a special shelter for our young and elderly.