Freedom Hill

Sanctuary Bushfire


Our family & our sanctuary has today fallen victim to not only the enormous heat but the bushfires raging around Australia. Last night we were forced to do the unthinkable. We were instructed to evacuate not knowing what would become of our animals, the sanctuary & our family home. With the fire front traveling so fast we weren’t able to get a vehicle transport in to move the animal residents to shelter. We spent the night praying that the fire would not reach them.

This morning we were able to get back to the sanctuary and find out what had become of our loved animals. The bushfire rushed through our sanctuary engulfing most of the area. It destroyed fences & some shelters. However, it appears a band of angels have answered our prayers & have saved the animals at Freedom Hill Sanctuary. It appears that the animals have been able to take shelter in a corner of the sanctuary as the bushfire front rushed past.

We are now still putting out fires around the sanctuary. We, unfortunately, lost a lot, but our animals are safe!

This is the entrance where our Freedom Hill Sanctuary sign stood.

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