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  • Suffering Eyes Book

    Suffering Eyes Book

    Suffering Eyes by Franceen Neufeld 

    About the Book

    Suffering Eyes is an earnest and faithful account of author Franceen Neufeld's experience of awakening to the suffering of animals at the hands of humans. Through compelling personal reflections, leading into deeper and fuller commentary, Neufeld journeys through memory and the fullness of experience to trace the roots of empathy in her life, in the hope of nurturing this capacity in the lives of others.

    About the Project

    With the publication of Suffering Eyes in 2013, mother and son team Franceen and Calvin Neufeld founded the Suffering Eyes Project to support the body-and-soul-restoring work of farmed animal sanctuaries. They contribute to the sustainability of sanctuaries in North America and beyond through raising awareness, raising funds, and by making the Suffering Eyes book available free of charge to individual sanctuaries for use in their own direct fundraising.

    About the Author

    Franceen Neufeld is a mother and grandmother living with her husband and their two Leonberger dogs in Ontario, Canada. She is a student of Christian theology and of life. Her passion is living and advocating kindness for all, particularly for those who find themselves excluded from it, without a voice of their own.

    About the Editor

    Calvin Neufeld is an advocate of life and quality of life for oppressed species, for sexual and gender minorities, racial minorities, the physically, mentally, and economically disadvantaged, and absolutely everybody else.

    About the Publisher

    Purposeful Publishing House is a zero-profit, financially celibate enterprise, exclusively publishing works that purpose change, without intent to profit, for the sake of making life better.

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