New Year - New Residents!

Freedom Hill Sanctuary - Tuesday, January 01, 2013

We've had a few new residents arrive at Freedom Hill over the past few weeks so I thought I would introduce you to them all at once. 

Three weeks ago we had the arrival of the handsome Benjamin. Benjamin is one of the lucky ones, each year in Australia close to 18,000 ex-racehorses are sent to slaughter, discarded when they are no longer profitable. Benjamin is 10 years old and has been a flats racehorse, jumps racehorse and involved in equestrian. He sustained a leg injury and could no longer perform well in races. When Benjamin arrived at Freedom Hill he was underweight, malnourished, had a skin condition, leg injury and an expression of despair. He only took a few weeks of love & care to help him re-gain weight and relax in his new surroundings. If you would like to learn more about the cruelty within the racing industry please visit Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and pledge not to bet on cruelty. 

Our second new addition to the Freedom Hill gang is the gorgeous baby Patrick, a Friesian bobby calf. Patrick is almost two weeks old now and we were very fortunate to have found him. Mum & I set out to the local fodder store to stock up on supplies and decided to take a different route home, we ended up driving past a dairy farm where we spotted Patrick. He had just been left on the concrete floor of the milking shed in full sun, it was extremely hot and he was just lying on the ground. I asked the farmer if we could take him, he replied that he was just "surplus" and suggested we could buy him for $40.  We quickly agreed and brought Patrick back to Freedom Hill. Patrick is a waste product of the dairy industry - for dairy cows to produce a continual supply of milk they have to be pregnant or have just given birth, their unwanted calves are usually sent off the slaughter within the first few days of their lives. The milk from the mother cows is then used for human consumption. Most bobby calves are not as lucky as Patrick, around 700,000 are slaughtered in Australia every year. If you would like to help little guys like Patrick ditch the dairy and switch the healthy dairy free alternatives. We stock a heap of yummy products at Vegan Online

Jeffery arrived at Freedom Hill a couple of days ago - brought to us by a lovely couple who had attended our Vegan Christmas Brunch only a few days beforehand. Jeffery was found with her legs tied together in the back of a ute, she was an unwanted Christmas present and her 'owner' was taking her out to the bush to shoot her.  She was luckily rescued and is now slowly settling in to her new life at Freedom Hill. Jeffery is still a angry and fearful of people but we hope this will change as she realises we are not going to harm her. Welcome to your new home lovely girl!