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Freedom Hill Sanctuary - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Welcome to everyone who has joined us on Freedom Hill, the aim of our blog is to hopefully be able to make you feel a part of the progression and growth of Freedom Hill Sanctuary.  We would like you to feel as though these gorgeous residents are a part of your life, help you educate yourself or others on the plight of farmed animals, and demonstrate the intelligent & unique personalities of our fur-babies.

Since going live with our new website we have been busy trying to get the sponsorship certificates under way, as well as new t-shirts and Freedom Hill goodies. However our first priority is always the FH residents, who every day surprise us with new antics and keep us on our toes, so apologies for the delays.

At the moment our residents include 3 calves (well teenagers) Teddy, Bj & Jacob; Lynn our eldest sheep, two Roosters (Roman, Pock and one chicken called Poo, obviously named by Isabelle who is 3).  Our lamb gang is made up of Matey, Miss Ebony, Wakefield and our special boy Jeremy who is deaf.  The rest of the gang consists of Atticus, Boo and Esme the goats and Dazzle our Alpaca. Our precious horses Lord Belvidere and Sir Bastian do not want to hang with the rest of the gang (sheep scare Bastian) so they run riot in another paddock!

On an average morning at Freedom Hill you can find Lynn and the lambs eagerly waiting at the gate for their breakfast, even though they have snacked all night for some reason they think they need more in the morning. Belvidere and Bastian also stomping for their breakfast and our lovely Roman with his glorious cock a doodle doo’s. Most days Teddy, Bj and Jacob have made their way down for breakfast but if they miss out will definitely be at the gate when I get home from work, mooing very loudly! You will almost always find Atticus, Boo, Esme and Dazzle with the cows eagerly awaiting some cuddles.

So it’s a quick bottle for Jeremy, feed & water Lynn and rest of lambs, Belvidere and Bastian, Roman, Pock & Poo and hit the road for work.

We try to finish early each day so the rounds start again before dark and this allows for cuddle times with each baby, as jealousy can run riot if we are not careful. Matey has adopted the new habit of head butting us for more attention, the cows push each other aside for one on one time and Belvidere & Bastian are always competing for attention.

We are planning a vegan picnic and tree-planting day in the near future so please stay tuned and if you haven’t already sign up for our volunteer section and follow us on Facebook for current events and happenings at Freedom Hill. xx