Gentle Giants

Freedom Hill Sanctuary - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to Freedom Hill Russell and Trevor! 

These gigantic ‘babies’ had been left on a property south of Adelaide, according to vet reports they are approximately 4 -6 years old. Russell Jarman, Former Deputy Chief Inspector RSPCA (SA) took one look at these boys and knew they deserve to live out the rest of their lives in a forever home and fought so hard to make this a reality. Russell contacted me (Kym) and we discussed the extremely difficult task that was going to lie ahead in the rescue.  After months of working on the logistics of finding someone/something that could transport two 900kg steers safely we received a call saying it’s all steam ahead.

At 9.45pm on Tuesday 25th September, after a long exhausting day for everyone involved, came the arrival of our first boy ‘Russell’. A slow safe exit from the trailer and he was free in the paddock, ready for a good nights sleep after his long day.  The following day ‘Trevor’ arrived, once again the shock of the size of these boys is awe inspiring as Trevor is even taller than Russell.  After a couple of tosses of the head to show he was not happy he gladly exited the trailer onto greener pastures to meet up with his mate.

Having spent the majority of their lives on their own without human contact these boys are doing extremely well with their new surroundings.  Over the long weekend we introduced Teddy, Bj, Jacob, Atticus, Boo, Esme and Dazzle.  Trevor being a little shy and timid hid behind a tree thinking the gang couldn't see him and Russell enjoyed himself doing a sniff test of Teddy, Bj & Jacob.

A special thanks goes to Russell and Michelle who put in countless hours of work to rescue these beautiful boys. 

Love from the gang at Freedom Hill xx